10 Delicious Mumbai Street Food To Eat
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10 Delicious Mumbai Street Food To Eat

Mumbai street food

10 Delicious Mumbai Street Food To Eat

Craving for Street food? Indians always loves street food. Mumbai is the heaven of street food. In Mumbai you will get different types of exciting mouthwatering street food. standing along the streets of Mumbai, watching countless people go by, is part of what adds to your experience. So, here is the presentation of  www.foodcravings.in based on 10 delicious Mumbai street food, and where you will find it.

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 1.


This is one of the famous Mumbai street food one can commonly find throughout the city, especially  Juhu. Although it’s common around India but bhelpuri is one of the homegrown Indian snacks from Mumbai. And now it’s available with many variations. 

This dish contains puffed rice, sev, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, variety of chutney mix together. The result is tangy, spicy, and sweet from all the sauces, with a wonderful balance of flavor, and it’s often served with chopped coriander.

  • Average Cost:Rs 50(approx)
  • Address:Juhu Beach Food Centre
  • Timing:10 am – 1am

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 2 

The Mumbai special Pav bhaji

You may get pav bhaji anywhere in India, but they cant match the taste with Mumbai pav bhaji. In Mumbai the craze for pav bhaji is in next level. There are countless places in Mumbai who serves delicious pav bhaji. But i tried in Juhu Beach, In Juhu Beach also 20 or more places to eat pav bhaji in the food section. Its a combination of mashed vegetables mixed with spices, and served with bread.

  • Average Cost:Rs 100  (approx)
  • Address:Juhu Beach Food Centre
  • Timing:10 am – 1 am

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 3


Dosas are actually from South India, but the dosa is very common street food in Mumbai. In Mumbai you will find some very creative types of dosas. In some places both Indian and Chinese dishes are served with the dosa, and they work so well. Dosa is made from a batter of rice and urad bean flour which is lightly fermented. The traditional version is the masala dosa, where masala potatoes are added to the dosa, and it’s served with sambar and coconut chutney on the side.

  • Average cost: Rs 50(approx)
  • Address:  Outside Mithibai College, Gulmohar Road No. 1, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, India
  • Timing: 8 am – 11:30 pm daily

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 4

Mumbai special Vada Pav.

If you walk across the any streets of  Mumbai you will get a chance to meet with Vada Pav. It is one of the most popular and widely available snacks. This item is widely available across the city. It is also called Mumbai vegetarian burger. Vada is made with spiced mashed potato mixture, which is deep fried, and it is packed into a pav which is white fluffy bun. And served with with a variety of different chutneys and spices

  • Average cost: Rs 50 (approx)
  • Address:Ashok Vada Pav, Kashinath Dhuru Marg, Dadar, Mumbai
  • Timing:11 am – 9:30 pm(sunday closed)
sev puri

5. Sev Puri

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 5

sev puri

India has huge variety of chaat(different kind of snacks) sev puri is one of the famous chaat. It is made with flat puri (like little round chip)  topped with mashed potatoes, onions, different kind of  sauces to give it an incredible balance of flavor. Then finally served with a handful of save and chopped coriander.

  • Average Cost: Rs 50 (approx)
  • Address:On the corner of Indravadan Oza and 6th road, very close to Juhu Beach.
  • Timing: Around 4 pm in the afternoon.

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 6


Here the Chai(tea) is not really a food, but an emotion. A cup of chai(tea) will help you to make stress free. Because of its importance in street food area, made me bound to include it on this list. In Mumbai the tea is usually made with plenty of creamy milk, and seasoned with cardamom, masala, or ginger it give the chai an extra kick of flavor and spice.

  • Average Cost: Rs 10-20 (approx)
  • Address: Not a specified place.
  • Timing: N/A

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 7

Pani Puri

Pani puri is so famous not only in Mumbai but whole India as a street food. It’s an absolutely stunning Indian street food. In this dish vendors make a hole in the little puris with the help of their thumb and then stuffed  with a mixture of mashed potatoes, onions, green chilies, salt, chickpeas and seasoned with spices. After this filled with chutney and flavored water. And you have to eat it immediately, so the puri remains crunchy.

  • Average Cost: Rs 50(approx)
  • Address: Badshah Pani Puri, Chowpatty, Girgaum, Mumbai, India
  • Timing: 3 pm – 12 am 

8. Bombay Sandwich

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 8

Bombay Sandwich

When it comes to Mumbai street food, you’ll find food vendors all over busy parts of the city with grilled sandwiches with expertise. It is a local favorite Bombay sandwich. Actually the sandwiches are vegetarian item. this item is made with a couple slices of white bread that are buttered on either side. Then a combination of coriander and mint chutney smear on it, then they added thin slices of vegetables like beetroot, onion, cucumber, tomato, and a layer of masala potatoes, and at last added shredded cheese, a sprinkle of chili and cumin. And then toasted it. so that the sandwich becomes hot fresh and crispy.

  • Average Cost: Rs 100(approx)
  • Address: You’ll find Mumbai street sandwiches in busy areas of the city. But i tried Bhendi Bazaar of Mumbai.
  • Timing: N/A

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 9

Bun Maska

This is the ultimate Mumbai famous food. Maska is Mumbai local language, which means butter. So, Bun Maska means buttered Bun. Mumbai people loves to try Bun Maska with Irani chai and some freshly baked cookies.

  • Average Cost: Rs 100(approx)
  • Address: Ali Bhai Remji Road, Opposite Station, Grant Road East, Mumbai
  • Timing: N/A
Mumbai street food

10. Challi bhutta (Corn)

In our list this Mumbai street food comes at No. 10

Challi Bhutta(Corn)

In roadside of Mumbai you will get some excellent quality of corn. Indians call it challi bhutta or Bhutta.

  • Average Cost: Rs 100(approx)
  • Address: Jeevan Saurabh Building, Road 10, Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai
  • Timing: N/A

Here we are finishing our presentation based on 10 delicious Mumbai street food. Hope it will be helpful for you.

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